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The Beginning is Always Today

Guest post by Stephanie Van Zandwyk

“The beginning is always today”

I would like to share with you, one of my favorite quotes:

“The beginning is always today” – Mary Shelley

I love this message because it encourages us to take advantage of our inspiration, the moment it comes to us. To embrace the momentum that envelopes us when we experience success. In order to do that we need to begin simply, with urgency, with excitement and wisdom.

A proven method of change – whether you want to eat healthier, start exercising or drink more water – is to start small. So break your goal into attainable portions. Portions that you can easily manage and fit into your existing situation.

Ingraining new habits into our lives is difficult. But this is a recipe for success: To ease into change, decide what is possible for you and do that. That one thing is progress – bringing you closer to your goal. Decide to do this one thing every day for two weeks. Once you succeed at that, add the next portion. Do not forget, the SIZE of the portions does not matter, even if they feel comically small. You are still doing more than you were, you are still making progress.
This brings me to another one of my favorite quotes:

 “Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving, but does not make any progress.” ― Alfred A. Montapert

Here are some good ideas on making progress towards a healthy lifestyle

  • Add exercise to your life with helpful steps from Couch to 5km
  • Slip more H2O into your days with these 12 tips
  • Do something good for your community and your health by joining a local CSA

Remember, whatever you decide, start today. Break down that big goal and start with just one thing – a manageable, attainable portion that’s right for you, right now.

Good luck with all your progress. Stay active, happy and healthy!

Stephanie Van Zandwyk

Organic Grower of vegetables, micro greens, edible flowers, honey, honey candies and chocolates.