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    Honey Cumin Roasted Organic Carrots Recipe

    The Glorious Carrot What’s Up Doc? Bugs Bunny’s favourite food is the glorious carrot. A root vegetable that comes not only in the warm orange we all know it to be, but in white, red and even purple. Carrots are sweet & can be served both as part of dinner or dessert.  Here is a fantastic, simple and delicious recipe sure to please all. What you need: About 5-7 organic carrots Olive or grapeseed oil 2 tablespoons locally sourced honey 1 tablespoon brown sugar A squeeze of lemon or orange juice Chopped organic Rosemary 1-2 teaspoons Cumin Salt & Pepper to taste Oven temperature: 350 degrees farenheit (set to roast convection if…

  • On the farm

    New Farming Data Means New Organic Food Information: Part 1

    May 2017: Canada will have brand new farming data coming just in time for the new planting season in spring. The last census in Canada was in 2011 and saw a 10.3% decrease in the number of farms across Canada. However, that is not to say that farming is disappearing. Only 1.9% of all farms in Canada are certified organic. The decrease happened in a period where Canada had turned much of its attentions towards an economy in newer, sustainable technologies and the younger generation had (and still is) turned towards jobs in computer and business related areas. Food production awareness has increased significantly since that time, and people are reading labels…

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