On the farm

Nature’s Kisses & Homemade Confectionaries.

2018 was the year we decided to see if there was a benefit in our yeilds because of pollination. Prior to that we always thought because we were on a farm that there were plenty of bees to pollinate, but we were wrong. We had nine hive placed on our farm by a lady named Brandy. It was a fantastic year for yields. I am not saying that we didn’t have loses we did but do to other reasons such as insects and weather.

This year we were so impressed with the yields we decided to invest in our own hives for two reasons. One reason was for better pollination and the second reason was to create our honey candy line called

Nature’s Kisses & Homemade Confectionaries.

All our candy that is made with honey is made with real Canadian honey sourced from local Bee Keepers. Only until we have our hives set up and our bee can provide.

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