Meet Our Family

Meet our Family

Jax is our oldest. He came wondering up from our ditch. Someone discarded him he was fixed and chipped and has become a great buddy. He loves his rides in our buggy and is one heck of a mouser and loves his affection that we give him.
Alice was a rescue feline that we adopted from the St. Catherine’s SPCA. She was in rough shape. She was truly one that adopted us. It took her months to adjust to us. Her beauty is stunning and her white hair is like silk.
Sheba was a barn kitten that we picked out. She was very tiny and it took 10 weeks for us to be able to pickup her up. To this day she is still very tiny but she is very mighty and acts like a tiger when she feels threatened by another animal.
Corn was the last feline that came to us on our farm. When I found her she was eating raw corn that was in a bag on our veranda. By all the injuries she had we believed she was tossed from a vehicle. In fact she slept for 2 days on our couch other then to get up and eat and go to the bathroom.

Katie is a 4 year old Dingo or Australian Shepard. She is my Brothers companion, and is a blessing for my brother.

Corn is not always graceful as a cat should be, but she is the second most social member of our family other than Jax.