Garnishing with Micro Greens

Micro greens are a good source of vitamins and nutrition. They are good source for your body.

This is what we do with our micro green. Shakes, cube, and salads and more such as soups. We encourage people to experiment with their micro greens. Different micros for different foods. We encourage people to send pictures of what they have done with their micro green food ideas. Explore and be creative. Enjoy!!!!

Please see our micro green page to learn more about the benefits.

We have a selection of cubed micro greens. Great for shakes, soups, hummus and more.
Snacking with devil eggs and radish micro greens.
Pair off your meat with and devils eggs with sunflower and radish micro greens.
Micro green corn and sunflowers are great served up with a great breakfast.

If you like to do different things with food, try our micro greens or enhance your food creation. For other who are not so creative or don’t have the time our micro greens might be what you need!!

We now offer micro green pesto and frozen cubed micro greens for juicing when you in a hurry. 2021 we will offer micro green hummus.

For more information you can email:, call or text 289-696-7178.