Nature’s Kisses & Homemade Confectionaries

To our Valued Customer due the Coronavirus we will be taking steps to prevent the spread of Covert 19 or any of the strains that have mutated from the Coronavirus. When you come to our farm a sneeze guard has been put in place for both our protection, hand sanitizer and gloves if you needed. At Kinsella’s Simply Organics we take this very serious. At this time we offer debit, interac, credit cards, Apple Pay and e-transfer but cash will be excepted if needed.

Thank you the management at Kinsella’s Simply Organics


Nature’s Kisses & Homemade Confectionaries is made with our own honey from our Apiary.   

We make chocolates, honey chocolates and honey suckers for bridal or  baby shower favor’s, birthdays, different holidays or  just for that someone special. 

The chocolate used is regular, or on request organic, dairy free or vegan.  The honey used is unpasteurized.  We maintain an organic environment for the bees. We have planted a lot of flowers for our bees.    

*If you don’t see the chocolate design here for the holiday or occasion please ask, we will be updating as we create.


New products for 2022

Small  and large honey suckers, small and large chocolate suckers.

Chocolates and honey chocolates.

Honey glazed  pull apart cake. Mini glazed honey cakes (cup cakes) and  Tiny honey glazed cakes (bite sized).  

We also offer gluten free.  Order only.

Honey peanut butter fudge.


Honey glazed  pull apart cake.  

Mini honey glazed cakes                        

Tiny honey glazed cakes                        



Chocolate Bars  Homemade Butterfingers and regular chocolate bars.


Honey Peanut Fudge



 We are also working on alternative for ones who can’t have regular treats such as gluten free. 

Mother’s Day

Patrick Day Honey Tea Candy and Chocolate Suckers




Need shower favors and some matching chocolates.

Bridal Showers


Baby Showers


Honey Candy

Honey Tea Suckers and Honey Candy  

The Honey Tea Suckers and Honey Candies go great with a favorite cup of tea and a good book.


  Honey filled chocolate bars.



Our Honey Chocolates have enough honey added to the center to make the chocolates even sweeter.  Our signature chocolate that are honey filled will have a bee or a flower to show that they are honey filled.


Christmas Chocolates, Sponge Toffee (plain and chocolate dipped ). Peanut Brittle (plain, chocolate covered,) and Noel Brittle (available at Christmas).

For any inquiries about our honey products or any of our other products. Call 289-696-7178 or