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September 25/2021

we have in business since 2011 and these last 2 years have been the worst since the pandemic started. Our customer base has dropped and with the new Costco opening and pop-up markets opening people have prefer not to do on farm sales. This year alone we have dumped a lot of product. Therefore we will not be growing the amounts like we did in 2020 and 2021. Our plant sale will continue, our microgreens will be order only and we will be adding a store.

March 17/2021

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all. Finally the seeds are in the flats and have now have sprouting. Getting excited!! This year we will have more verities of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. Unfortunately a few of the verities that we do grow or will be late in seeding or won’t arrive on time for seeding fingers crossed do to the pandemic.
We have had to change our pricing. Please visit plant sale 2021 for mor information. There is a list of what is offered and the pricing. We encourage people to pre order so you will get what you want before they are sold out.

February 18/2021

We are getting ready to start seeding at the end of this month for our annual plant which will be May 22 to June 5/21.  We will be open for orders at the end of the month and we will offer curb side pick. I will be posting what will be available this month.  Once you arrive on our farm and no one is around please call for someone to bring out your plants. You must wear a mask and keep a safe distance if you leave your vehicle due to the coronavirus. We want to keep you, our valued customer and us safe always. Please remember if you are not feeling well or if you have any of the symptoms that relate to the coronavirus, we ask you to call us to make other arrangements for pickup.

Unfortunately, we will be raising our plant prices due to the fact we have had price increases just to operate our farm.  I will post the new plant prices on our site with the plant list.  We are still practicing Organics. Our seeds are non-GMO and we do not use chemicals or pesticides on our farm. While you are at our farm, we ask that you do not throw garbage on the ground or smoke in the green house there will be a garbage can for garbage and a smoke can.

For our valued Customer we would like to remind you we will have honey and microgreens.  We also sell honey candy, chocolates infused with honey and honey suckers which must be ordered ahead of time.  If you need any of these products for a party or an event, please let us know. This year we will have fairy and nature displays for sale as well.

For more information you can email: kinsellasimplyorganics@hotmail.com, call or text 289-696-7178.

January 2/2021

I wrote this blog below a few years ago. In fact 2014. Wow!! It is now 2021. The weather has gotten worse and you now add into the mix the coronavirus and the mutated COVID virus. We never leave our farm unless need be, we ware a mask and use hand sanitizer.
When a valued Customers enters our farm. Guidelines must be followed. We required a mask be used and a safe distance be followed. We supply hand sanitizer and a mask if needed. We also made a barrier to protect you and us. We even ask you to call when coming to our farm.

On the upside of this for us, we now are a registered Apiary, grow micro green, make candy and ventured in creating and selling Nature and Fairy designs.

How sad, when we can look back and say things are not better, but worsening each year. Please help make changes our next generation will be lost if we don’t. Start teaching the new and old way so they will learn and appreciate to protect this planet before it to late.

“2021 Spring will be here soon, even though we are still reminded any one who say we haven’t seen this kind of weather in so many years. I believe that they are not wrong but it is worsening than back then. So much climate change. The storms are more intense, forest fires are burning up more land causing mud slides, and flooding in winter cause through warming up. The loss of wild life because of devastation, starvation and cement cities. We should all step back and see what we have done in the name of “new age” or “going with the times. “

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