Bees and Honey


This year is the first year our Granddaughter Eva started helping around the farm. I asked her what was the best thing she like doing around the farm she said helping with the bees.

Bee Beginnings

At Kinsella’s Simply Organics we now have our own bees. In the fall of 2019 we will be offering our own honey for sale. Our honey candy that we sell is made with our honey as well.

Inspection of hives.
John is one of the men teaching Jim about bee keeping.
Inspecting hives. The bees are doing very . This year we will have honey. Thank you to the men George and John, that are mentoring Jim.

Checking the brood cells.
Our signature honey candy. See what other candy we make with our delicious honey. Click on the main menu Nature’s Kisses & Homemade Confectionary.

Getting ready to winter our bees. Even though our bees will be wintered during the cold weather we will still be offering our honey and our honey candy.

2020 Pictures

Spring has sprung and the honeybees are on the move. They have started collecting tree pollen.

This is why our honey taste like mint. When the bees wake from their winter hibernation they drink from our pond which has a lot mint growing.
It was so full it broke!
This came of the from the frame above!
We will post this sign to make people aware that we have bees.
Fresh and ready to go. Oh so good.

We found this swarm in a tree. Luckily it was low enough to capture.

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