About Our Organic Farm

We’re a small organic farm in the heart of the Niagara Region – located in rural Welland, bordering Niagara Falls. Currently, we farm about 4 acres of land. The remainder of our property is home to deer, wild turkey and a range of other fauna and flora. We also participate in the Wetland program which protect us from flooding, drought and climate change. They protect wildlife by providing hundreds of species with safe places to eat, sleep and raise young. They give us natural places to play, learn and explore. They also clean the water we enjoy at beaches, lakes and rivers.

Kinsella's Simply Organics Farm Sign      

We grow a variety of organic vegetables, micro greens, herbs, edible flowers and raise honey bees for pollination. This also allows us to create  our honey candy, suckers and honey chocolates. We use outdoor hugelbeets (raised garden beds) that we top every year with certified organic soil and hoop houses to house our plants until ready.  We believe in preserving biodiversity – which means we work in harmony with nature to produce beautiful, healthy food in a way that is safe for all species.

All of our seed are certified organic, non-genetically modified. And we never use chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers.

To enrich our soil and plants, we use conservation methods like seed saving, cover crops and other sustainable farming practices.

If you ever have any questions about how we grow, please ask us.

For more information you can email: kinsellasimplyorganics@hotmail.com, call or text 289-696-7178.

Reinventing retirement

We’re Debbie and Jim Kinsella. In 2010 we started thinking about what life would be like when we retired. Instead of picturing ourselves with umbrella drinks somewhere much warmer than here, we came up with the idea that we’d like to embark on a new adventure. More than that, we wanted to create something we could be proud of. Something our grandchildren could be proud of.

Between a background in the food industry (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and work in the Rendering field, family farming and over 27 years with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, FARMING was undoubtedly the answer. We began making plans and applied for our organic certification in 2011 , and became certified in 2012.  In 2018 we decided to drop the certification program  and 2019 was the last year for CSA program so we could focus on other aspects of our farm such as microgreens and bees.  We will  continue to practice Organics as long as the farm is in existence.

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Debbie & Jim Kinsella