Free Range Eggs


During  the pandemic for 2021 the eggs will still be limited.  We are currently deciding to start raising our own birds for eggs either in the spring or fall because of the demand as much as I have tried to stay away from this project because of my career with CFIA which included many years of chicken inspection.

The eggs are Free Range.   The birds are not caged birds and are allowed to run freely. During the pandemic there seems to be an egg shortage. We are only selling 2 dozen per person. Normally we would get  fresh eggs 1 to 2 times a week but during the pandemic our amounts have gone down.   We ask that you call to make sure we have eggs and when we do have eggs please return the cartons if you still have them.

For inquiries please

We accept debit, interac, credit cards, Apple Pay and e- transfer and will accept cash if need be.

For more information.

You can email: or call 289-696-7178.